Thursday, June 11, 2009

Exercise Anywhere!

Get outdoors with this workout put together by Andy Petranek, CrossFit-certified trainer and owner of CrossFit LA.

Andy took time out of his busy schedule of training police, military special ops and other elite athletes, as well as being a Red Bull-sponsored professional athlete and voted best trainer in LA for 2008 by Fox LA, to help us design a workout that anyone can do anywhere.

While CrossFit is the same workout style that Gerard Butler and the rest of the cast used to get those buff bodies and ripped abs in the movie 300, it doesn't have to be as extreme -- unless you want it to be -- because it is universally scalable to fit anyone's fitness level.

All you need for this workout is a stop watch, some space and your body, as the exercises only require body weight for resistance.

"You are racing the clock to see how quickly you can finish the following sequence with full range of motion and good form on each movement," says Andy. "Start the watch and go!"

*Make sure to warm up before you begin.

The Workout
- Run 1/2 mile
- 30 Squats or Chair Squats
- 20 Push-Ups or Bent Knee Push-Ups
- 30 Sit-Ups
- Run 1/4 mile
- 60 Squats
- 20 Push-Ups
- 60 Sit-Ups
- Run 1/2 mile
- 30 Squats
- 20 Push-Ups
- 30 Sit-Ups

"Scale the workout to your ability and fitness level by shortening the runs and/or cutting the numbers of each exercise by half or a third," says Andy. 

(We have also supplied a couple of alternatives if you have problems performing squats or push-ups, but you should aim to get to a level when you can do the actual exercises unless you have medical limitations.)

You can start with numbers and distances you are comfortable with, building up to the full workout when you're ready. Track your improvement by tracking your time. 

Andy designed this workout to be finished in fewer than 30 minutes, but if it takes you longer, don't worry. If you have to walk, don't worry. No matter where you are on the fitness scale now, following this excellent outdoor routine will improve your fitness level and help you burn fat fast.

Adding this simple yet challenging workout to a healthy diet will maximize your weight-loss efforts and help you reach your goals.

Always consult your physician before starting any fitness program.

STI: Spend your time for your health!