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Foods That Can Kill Your Diet

The squeamish have fled for the candy machine, so it's time expose the foods that ruin your diet, hurt your health and wreck your waistline. There's no turning back now.

D'oh -- Nuts! Start from the top and take a look at the most important meal of the day -- breakfast. If you've been starting your day the doughnut way, you're basically handicapping your nutrition for the rest of the day. 

A Krispy Kreme glazed doughnut weighs in at 200 calories with half of those calories coming from fat while being rich in the most dangerous trans and saturated fats. Additionally, donuts carry nearly no nutritional value and are almost exclusively white flour and sugar. 

A breakfast at your local doughnut shop will not only add unwanted calories, but it will throw off your blood sugar and won't stay with you so you'll be hungry again soon. 

If you're supplementing your sugary breakfast bun with your favorite specialty coffee, like a 20-ounce Starbucks Venti Caffè Mocha with whipped cream, then you're getting an additional 490 calories and 16 grams of bad fat. Rethink your breakfast, because these fatty franchises are serving more calories by 9 a.m. than most places serve all day. 

No soup for you!
That college staple, the food that sustained your existence for the 4 to 7 years you spent getting your degree in communications, ramen noodles, should be banished from your diet now that you can afford to buy real food. 

It's just noodles and broth, right? You should've paid more attention in health class. If you eat a full pack of ramen (and who doesn't?), you're looking at 14 grams of fat (7 of which are saturated), two-thirds of your daily recommended sodium intake and very little nutritional value. Ramen is cheap, but your body pays the price in the long run. 

Drive-Thru Disasters
Fast Food? More like fat food! Chicken nuggets are a good choice if you have to eat fast food, right? Anything breaded and deep-fried is going to be loaded with fat, so nuggets are not the solid gold choice you might think. 

Here are the facts on the 6-piece nuggets at Micky-D's: 250 calories (more than half from fat), 15 grams of fat and one-third of your daily sodium. But let's be honest, you're going to eat more than a sixer of nuggets for lunch, so how's it going to add up? 

Fry Guy -- Unfortunately, the most popular "vegetable" side in the US is the French fry -- and it's hardly a vegetable at all after its trip to the fry-alator. When your fries come out of their dip in the grease Jacuzzi, they're weighing in at 380 calories (for a medium) and 19 grams of fat. The only things you're super-sizing are your waistline and risk of heart disease. 

Hot Diggity Dang! Standard hot dogs are high in fat (13 or more grams per serving), loaded with sodium, and don't provide much protein or nutrients for the calories. Plus, the starchy, white flour bun and condiments. 

Adding a cheese and chili coronary clog is optional. And have you ever seen how a hot dog is made? Well, it would switch you to peanuts at the ballpark before you could yell, "Hey batter!" 

These foods will crash your diet, but healthy living is all about the small things, so as an added bonus, let's look at my favorite condiment and the drinks that destroy all the hard work in the gym. 

Mayo-noways --Mayonnaise is good on your turkey sandwich, but just one tablespoon of mayo has 12 grams of fat and 110 calories, so your healthy sandwich just flew out the window. Try mustard. 

Drinking Yourself to Death
The soda with your value meal may not seem that dangerous, but consider this: Soda can contribute to obesity and tooth decay with one can containing about 150 calories and about 10 teaspoons of sugar. 

According to one study, drinking one can per day without changing anything else in your diet, and you could gain 15 pounds by year's end. The average fast food soda is much larger than a can of soda. Switch to water. Your waist, heart and teeth will thank you. 

SOURCE: ediets

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Salam semua...

walaupun tak dapat psp yang macam aku nak (psp green),aku dapat yang mint green~


comel pulak warna dia yang ni~


Sunday, August 23, 2009

PsP hijau

aku nak psp hijau!!!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

1st day berpuasa~ DUGAAN~

Salam semua...

Selamat berpuasa ye Irra ucapkan~

Hari ni tak kerja (Alhamdulillah~),tapi keluar pergi gym gak...~

Tapi sebelum ada la buat kerja sikit,updated Facebook, tengahari baru keluar...

Lepas tu balik rumah balik semula,prepare kan barang nak masak untuk berbuka...

Hari ni 1st puasa masak peria goreng... (walaupun aku tak suka rasa 'benda' ni yang pahit aku telan gak~)

peria yang aku masak~

banyak dapat kurma~ Alhamdulillah~

Bualn puasa la bulan yang 'mengerunkan' aku~
Sebab setiap kali mama dengan ayah balik kerja CONFIRM dia orang akan bawa balik macam² makanan. (mesti meninggah pergi bazaar~) ngeee~!!!! Rosak diet aku!

tengok! kan macam² ada!

ni pulak ROJAK ASMA!

waaaaaaaa~!!!! dugaan~!

Yang dekat bawah ni bukan untuk santapan berbuka ye...
Baby baru aku~


STI: Tak tahu la dapat puasa penuh ke tak tahun ni~

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Biggest Loser Asia

Salam semua...
AKu agak happy bila dapat berita program THE BIGGEST LOSER yang selalu ditayangkan di HALLMARK channel nak buat kat ASIA pulak~

Bagus la! At least rakyat Malaysia boleh mengamalkan gaya hidup sihat,kasi cantik lagi body tu~ wuhuuuu~!

picture from thebiggestloserasia


STI: aku semangat ni promote the biggest loser asia!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lepaking with Coach and the EO CREW~

Salam semua~

Malam tadi budak² penguatkuasa buat rehearsal untuk persembahan malam terakhir.

Tak sempat nak record video masa buat rehearsal tu. Aku pun termasuk sekali dalam rehearsal tu~

Gambar je la yang dapat di share bersama~

 budak² perempuan tengah berbincang (aku pun tak tau bincang apa~)

 En. Mazlan tengah ajar budak² ni menyanyi~ (susah nak ajar dia orang ni~)

 Epul,Sudin,Ajiz,Syed (si Gajah ntah bual ngan sape ntah [on the phone])

Kita orang start rehearsal pukul 8 malam.
Habis je rehearsal,En.Syamsul belanja kita orang makan~ (Alamak! makan tengah malam! Jangan amalkan selalu~ huhuhu~)

 duduk berkumpul beramai-ramai~


 Hana & aku (tak kan la korang semua tak kenal aku kan~ muka aku da berbelang!!!!)

 Aku & Bel (budak ni boleh tahan lincah tau geng!)

Yang kat atas ni pulak video aku kenalkan E.O. crew.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Busy~ Sibuk~

Salam semua,

Tak sempat sangat nak update blog ni.


STI: tunggu cerita akan datang~